Jane Schlosser

Instructor Spotlight – Jane Schlosser

HRC has quality fitness instructors, and Jane Schlosser is one of them.  Jane’s passion is helping others be their healthiest.  With yoga, Jane encourages anyone who wants to tone their body, expand their mind and improve their spiritual connection to join in her class.  Come more than once, since it takes time to incorporate all the different aspects of yoga…breathing, moving and holding poses.  Offering options in each pose, for example a soft stretch or one more challenging, allows the student to customize their yoga experience to best suit their needs.

Jane is known for Yoga, but also subs in for Silver Sneakers classes when needed.  In those classes, her goal is safety first and then lots of fun while incorporating movements using the ball, weights, resistance bands and chair.  Relaxation is always a treat at the end of class.

As a former registered nurse, she shows her natural compassion for people in and out of classes.  She is a certified yoga instructor.  She also holds certifications as a Silver Sneaker instructor in Classic, Circuit, Yoga and Cardiofit.

Jane’s signature in classes is that regardless of the class, she ends it with a short period of meditation.  She wants each person to leave feeling refreshed and with the knowledge that someone does indeed care about them.

Class Schedule as of 12/2016

Tuesdays 9:30 AM  Yoga 2

3rd and 4th Saturdays of each month 9:30 AM Yoga Flow

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