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Instructions to Sign Up for Junior Program

Here are the instructions to sign up for the Junior Programs if your family is not a member of HRC.

  1. Click on Member Site in the upper right hand corner
  2. Click on Member Sign Up.Login page
  3. Fill out the PARENTS’ Contact Info and click Next.
  4. Next page…if the parent is not a player, just put in 1.5 player level and check off singles and morning and click Next. parent settings
  5. Upload a picture if you want.  Otherwise, click Next.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT Click on Add others to your account” and follow steps to register your son(s) or daughter(s).
  7. Click on “Select a Registration Type…” and select Junior Player Family. Click Next.
  8. Check that you agree to terms and click Finish!

  9. Now check your e-mail and click the link to login and set your password.

  10. Now you are the main screen.  Click on Activities Tab.
  11. Click on Make this my landing page twice.  Once to get rid of the check.  Once to put the check back.  Then click on Junior programs Junior Program Signup
  12. Select the program you want and click on Register.
  13. Select the person you want to attend the class.
  14. Select the desired package you want.  Then hit next.
  15. For some programs, the next screen will ask “Select a Series to Attend”.  This is for programs that run on two or more different days of the week.  Select your series and click Next.
  16. Pay for the program and your done!  An email confirmation will be sent to you.  Then we will see you at the first session!

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